Philosophical question.

Okay, this thought just crossed my mind, so hopefully I can articulate it as I think while I type.

When it comes to rare cards, of course, every collector/buyer would like to get a steal or a deal. Often times this means scouring ebay looking for mis-titled auctions, wrongly listed sections, low BINs and other methods.

I understand from the collector point of view to spend as least amount of money as possible while finding the best cards.

As a seller, the seller obviously wants maximum exposure, to cast the widest range of possible potential buyers and ideally, bidding wars or deep pocketed collectors.

Since I don’t collect cards, but I love discussing them, I have often posted links to current auction to discuss that particular card. Clipperboy24 from Hobby Kings pointed out to me that I shouldn’t do that, because it doesn’t help fellow collectors looking for a good deal.

I totally understand his thought, as a collector.

But as a blogger, I post links not with the intent to spam auctions, but for the purpose of being specific when discussing a topic. Am I wrong for doing that?

I’m sure the seller benefits (directly or otherwise, however big or small) from having another outlet for his cards to be seen when I post a link on a message board that other collectors might not necessarily see on their own when they search eBay.

Just curious. In the meantime, I am siding with clipperboy24 and will lay off posting current auction links.


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