Solid buy or pass?

UPDATE, JUNE 12: Someone placed a bid and won it at $119.99 so it looks like it turned out to be a price that someone couldn’t resist!

There is a definite hierarchy when it comes to the market for Michael Jordan inserts. Post-retirement inserts pictured in non-Bulls (see Wizards, UNC and All Star uniforms) seem to have less demand than their 90’s Bulls counterparts.

While scrolling through ebay, I came across this auction for a 02 Finite First Class /25.

The only other time I have bothered to record a sale on this card was from October 2010:

02 UD Finite First Class /25 $155.77 10/21/10

With that said, the current auction is for a BGS 8.5 graded copy, currently listed at $119.99 and a buy it now for $159.99.

So, do you think that is a solid buy or not? I don’t know if the Wizards cards will EVER generate a wide range of buyers, even amongst Jordan collectors. However, I have seen sales from serially numbered post-2000 Bulls uniform cards that sell for a decent amount.


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