Hype and the Michael Jordan market.

Blake Griffin is hype.

Derrick Rose is hype.

Kevin Durant is hype.

The incoming rookie draft class every year is hype.

New is hype, the unknown is hype.

New shoes. New players. New possibilities.

Hype capitalizes on the now, not the past.

Michael Jordan is NOT hype. Michael Jordan is five years removed from his last professional NBA game. He is over a decade removed from his basketball prime. He cannot improve his career stats, his championship rings count (on court) nor the possibility that he may do something spectacular in his next game.

Is there such a thing as negative hype? I think there is. The more that people get vocal and insist that his card prices are inflated, the more it stimulates conversation against that thought. That conversation only fuels more awareness, which leads to more attention. The people spending money on Michael Jordan cards KNOW what the cards represent.

People are not buying his cards based on what he may do on the court. They know he can’t do anything anymore. They are buying his cards for what he DID on the court. Past tense.

Collectibility. That is what is defining Jordan now. Not his heroics on the nightly newscast. Not the ungodly numbers he accumulates. People are buying his cards because they appreciate what he’s already done.

Don’t believe the hype. There is not hype. There is simply, people buying up cards of someone they admire, only realizing that they aren’t the only one who want to do that same thing.

Three plus years of steady increase is not a spike generated by media attention on a single event. It is steady proof that people are putting money into someone/something they value, only finding there are other people out there that value it more and sometimes, are willing spend more money to secure a piece of that.

Keep waiting for that bubble to burst. You may find that bubble is quite resistant against a minority of doubting individuals.



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