I’ve decided to open up a new blog dedicated solely to the Michael Jordan card market.  This blog is an offshoot of main blog, Hupe Royalty. Previously, I’ve recorded ebay sales via my blog, but this blog will consist of taking direct screen caps instead of my typing stuff out. The idea was derived from Jeebus86, from Hobbykings.com, who does the same thing and uploads the images to his photobucket account.

In addition to posting screen caps, there will be a section that will highlight the highest recorded non graded price for each card, as well as the previous two highs. This will include all the relevant data of seller, auction number, date and price.

My initial goal is to track 90’s inserts, as well as a few 2000’s inserts, as I have done previously.

I’d also like to create galleries of Michael Jordan Exquisite cards from all years, as well as an autograph/memorabilia gallery.

You will also be able to find links to informative threads on here from various message board, pertaining to the Michael Jordan market. I’m going to put up links to Youtube videos of Michael Jordan collections somewhere on here, too.



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